Branding + Logos


Business Talent Group (BTG)

The BTG brand is smart, innovative, established, and knowledgeable. I enjoy pushing the brand visually with new print and digital motifs, logos for a new podcast and pride, and a fresh approach to content design, as well as social and advertising imagery.


From logo design to app icons to outreach, I established the brand look and feel for this start-up — a farm-to-table app designed to connect sustainability-minded locavores directly to farmers.

Hallie Thompson

Running in the democratic primary for the U.S. House of Representatives, Hallie needed a logo to capture her rural Missouri ag roots, her passion for plant science, and her dedication to addressing climate change and food scarcity, while conveying her friendly and approachable personality. I enjoyed designing her logo and working with her to develop her brand and move her campaign forward.

Gnome Hot Sauce

It’s not magic — it’s smoke. Ok, maybe there’s also a little magic in each bottle of Gnome Sauce. I designed the logos and labels for this spicy brand.

Como Roller Derby

It has been an honor to play a role in growing and evolving the Como Roller Derby brand over the past decade. Through a couple logo redesigns, a name change to become more gender inclusive, and location and venue hopping, the CMRD brand has always represented a welcoming and safe space to be yourself, find your edge, and knock people down on eight wheels.

Northwest Regional Primary Care Association

NWRPCA is a not-for-profit health care organization that serves all federally qualified health care centers in a four-state region and hosts three annual health care conferences that serve the region. Each themed conference requires unique branding that extends across all accompanying brochures, flyers, programs, and event signage. I created all visual branding for 14 of these conferences from 2014–2019.